Our Vision

Greece is a real feeling of life and that is what it has in common with mountain biking! The Greek Aegean Isles and the nearby Greek mainland as well as the Turkish coast have the best conditions to become a true mountain bike paradise in the near future.

Here you can experience the best of two worlds:

  • Fascinating peaks with sea view on nature trails as well as newly built trails meeting international standards
  • Panoramic tours with great cultural highlights
  • Greek and Turkish hospitality at their best

Under the Aegean Trails brand, our goal is to create an all-encompassing road network with biker-optimized infrastructures for an intensive nature, riding and holiday experience. An all-inclusive carefree biking holiday package with an uniform signposting on the roads, comprehensive information material with maps and GPS data, biker-friendly accommodation as well as the online information portal www.aegeantrails.net will be developed to attract mountain bikers from all over the world into the unique Aegean Sea bike region.


  • Market Potential: Mountain biking is a growing, global movement. There are, for example, more mountain bikers than skiers in the world.
  • Value added: Mountain bike equipment is expensive. The typical mountain biker is socially well-off and likes to invest in his sport and its exercise. Mountain bikers spend, for example, more money per day on vacation than hikers.
  • Sustainability: Mountain biking protects the environment, as nature experience is the main motif of mountain bikers.
  • Season extension: Mountain bikers do not need bathing temperatures and spend their cycling holidays in southern destinations in the months of March, April, May as well as September, October and November.
  • Revitalizing the hinterland: mountain bikers travel during the day in the hinterland and look forward to catering and overnight accommodation possibilities there.


Aegean Trails Conference: 17th – 18th November 2017, Kos Island

Cycle Greece, the Greek subsidiary of the German tour operator Islandhopping and the Bike Agency (experts for destination marketing in the MTB sector) cordially invite you to the:

Aegean Trails Conference

Hotel Maritina, Kos Island
17th – 18th November 2017


The expansion of mountain bike tourism can benefit diverse
sectors and companies in different ways.

At the Aegean Trails Conference, we would like to explain to you all these possibilities in general and on a branch-specific basis and present the financing plan for the implementation of the internet portal as well as other marketing measures


  • Hotels/guest houses
  • Bike shops
  • Bike stations
  • Restaurants/bars
  • Outdoor stores
  • Activity providers: surfing and kite schools, climbing providers, hiking tour organizers
  • Logistics companies such as ferry companies, transfer agencies, airlines
  • Hellenic Association of Mountain Biking and local bike clubs
  • Tourism associations of the individual islands/municipalities
  • National Greek Tourism Association


  • Definition of the brand “Aegean Trails”
  • Presentation of the planned Internet portal www.aegeantrails.net, the inter-island marketing tool to present the Aegean islands to the world-wide MTB scene as bike paradise and to attract as many bikers as possible to Greece.
    This should be online on time for the 2018 season.
  • Creation of a cross-sector network and a presentation of the financing plan for the implementation of the portal and the Aegean Trails brand
  • Specific workshops, structured according to interest groups, for potential participants in this network
  • Viewing of the newly created trails in Kos and optional collective biking

Schedule of the Aegean Trails Conference,
17th -18th November 2017, Kos Island

Friday, 17/11/2017

Individual arrival at the Hotel Maritina in Kos town

From 4 pm:

Registration at the check-in table in the Hotel Maritina

From 6 pm:

Opening of the conference by the organizers and greetings from the officials of the participating islands (about 30 min)

Lars Adam:

Brief chronicle: All events from the international trail building project in March 2017 to today (about 15 min)

Norman Bielig:

Pod Smerkem in Slovenia: from 0 to 50,000 guests a year – example of a very successful bike region in the nowhere (about 15 min)

Yannis Falelakis:

What is Aegean Trails? General presentation of the idea, taking into account reasons why an investment in mountain biking tourism is generally worthwhile in the Aegean Sea (about 15 min)

Andrea Hahn &
Catharina Flämig:

Program preview and description of the workshops for the next day (about 10 min)

8:30 pm:

Joint dinner

Saturday, 18/11/2017

9 – 10:30 am:
Parallel workshops

I) Andrea Hahn:

Bike-friendly accommodation – What makes a bike-friendly hotel? What measures must be taken to establish themselves as a biker-friendly accommodation within the network?

II) Lars Adam / HMBA Greece
/ Norman Bielig:

Trail building & network – International trail standards – the basis of every successful bike region. What does trail building mean? Where should further trails be created for a meaningful cross-island trail network?

III) Catharina Flämig:

Cross-marketing: ferries, airlines, transfer agencies, surfing, climbing and diving schools, outdoor providers, outdoor shops, etc. – Where is the potential for other industries to participate in the network? With what measures can these be integrated into the network and benefit from it?

IV) Yannis Falelakis:

Local representatives / tourism organizations: How can the islands co-ordinate among themselves, e.g. a common budget for map material, brochures, info tables and signposting of the roads? In which other areas is the participation of the official bodies desirable and necessary?

  • A) Trails (installation and maintenance)
  • B) Service (information, signposting, transport, accommodation, tour offers, attractive offers)
  • C) Local colour and presentation of the unique feature of the Aegean Sea region

12 – 1 pm:

Final presentation with a concrete description of the financing plan and emphasizing that the success of the whole project depends exclusively on the willingness and the will of the locals and that of everyone involved

1 pm:


3 pm:

Excursion to Mt. Dikeo (duration approx. 3 hrs)

After return to Kos town individual departure

Conference language

The Aegean Trails Conference is held in English.


Participation in this conference costs 60 euro/person (+ VAT) for all interested parties.

The registration fee includes:

  • Participation in the conference incl. workshops
  • Shuttle to Mount Dikeo and presentation of the new built trails plus optional biking
  • experience on these trails (please bring your own bike)
  • Dinner incl. drinks on Friday, 17th November 2017
  • Light lunch incl. drinks on Saturday, 18th November 2017

However, travel, accommodation and further catering are to be borne by each participant.

Accommodation is available at the Hotel Maritina at the following special conference room rates (please book on your own):

  • Single room incl. breakfast: 35 euro
  • Double room incl. breakfast: 45 euro


Yes, I would like to attend the Aegean Trails Conference



The idea for the brand Aegean Trails emerged during an international trail building project in March 2017. The project was initiated by Ernesto Hutmacher, owner of the bike-friendly hotel Massa Vecchia and member of The Trail Brothers Tuscany. 26 people from 5 different countries travelled to the islands of Kos, Leros and Patmos on a motor yacht chartered by Islandhopping.

With the help of various Greek organizations such as the Hellenic Association of Mountain Biking, MBike Greece and Paths of Greece as well as numerous local helpers, existing but unsuitable paths could be cleaned and adapted to the needs of mountain bikers. Afterwards, these trails were marked and handed over to the islanders for their own use and for touristic purposes.

The trail building work has been accompanied by numerous talks with various authorities on the islands as well as local tourism service providers and local bike clubs. There was, from all sides, a great willingness to invest in the expansion of the idea. On all three islands, the routes are currently being expanded.

The Greek outdoor videographer & photographer Emmanouel Armoutakis was there to take pictures of the event.




Andrea Hahn

from the bike agency is widely networked in the bike sport scene. She brings all her expertise in destination marketing and extremely competent advice in the development of attractive tourist MTB offers in the Aegean Trails project.

Ernesto Hutmacher

is the initiator and motivator for the development of the Aegean bike region. He is devoted to biking, is a trail-building expert and a successful hotelier. With his bike hotel Massa Vecchia, he runs one of the most successful bike stations in Europe.

Haris Theodoropoulos

is the President of the Hellenic Association of Mountain Biking and is active throughout Greece with well-founded IMBA-based seminars for the development of the trail network and the growth of MTB sports in Greece.

Norman Bielig

develops projects at the intersection of cycle tourism, industry and scene. He advises tourist destinations and the wheel industry on tourist and communicative product development. In addition, he is a member of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (DAV), a member of the Board of the Mountain Bike Tourism Forum Germany, and continues to work in the field of guiding.

Yannis Falelakis

is the Managing Director of Cycle Greece, the Greek subsidiary of Islandhopping. At Aegean Trails, he sets the course in cooperation with the authorities and municipalities and is mainly responsible for the entire intra-Greek contact work.

Catharina Flämig

from the Islandhopping Marketing Department brings in Aegean Trails her marketing experience in MTB and cross-marketing over many years by the Bike & Boat Specialist.

Lars Adam

is since many years MTB guide for Islandhopping and an expert on the Aegean region. Biking is his world. He is a passionate trail builder and actively cooperates with the Hellenic Association of Mountain Biking for the extension of the trail network in the Aegean.

Ali Sonay

Managing Director of Cycle Turkey, the Turkish subsidiary of Islandhopping, is planning to cooperate with Aegean Trails and to build up a partnership between Greece and Turkey in the mountain bike sector based on friendship. For this purpose, he builds trails around Bodrum and establishes contacts with hoteliers and cross-marketing partners.


Aegean Trails is funded and financially supported by many well-known institutions and companies.

We sincerely thank all of you for your friendship and your trust, but especially for your faith in our project.